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Friday, March 2, 2012

Step Your Fresh Up Friday

As we close out this week there are quite a few tunes that demand your attention and some upcoming news from my crew at Dance Hard Die Hard and Next Era as well.  As a new recruit to Dance Hard Die Hard I will be releasing a mix alongside SMiRK (Twitter) featuring tunes from Curtis B, Utku S., Lazy Rich, and more!  I have also put together a Sunday broadcast on uStream starting at 7pm EST for the Next Era DJs!  Look for names from the Next Era DJ crew dropping some fresh tunes to get you in the right mood for any Monday surprises you may face.  On to the tunage!

First up is a hot new breakbeat from DJ Vize out of Portland, OR.  No stranger to breakbeats and a high octane live performance Vize is going to be having some killer releases out in March and April including Refuse on Bassbong.com!  Refuse features bouncy synth riffs and a grinding synth backing track throughout as well as progressive pads and a plethora of drum syncopation.  The mellow subby breakdown complete with the delayed stabs drives you right back into the proggy drop.  His bootleg 'Bout Money' will be released as a free download if he gets 20 shares on his post too!

Utku S. is absolute monster of a producer releasing tunes on Cassette as well as a ton of loop packs on loopmasters.  His style is always at the top of the game of whatever genre he's working in at the moment.  His latest breaks release on Beatport, 'My Life' is no exception.  I have been playing his tunes out for quite some time and I feel he doesn't get near the recognition that he deserves!  The latest on his soundcloud is a monster of a tune deserved to be caned hard.  His synth work is impeccable and is matched by few.  Check him out, I guarantee you'll be pleased.

No stranger to peaktime electro house, Revolvr is back at it again with a remix of Spencer & Hill.  The huge builds lead up to supreme breakdowns which I can already see rocking big rooms across the country.  His mixes as well as his tunes are great to have in your repertoire.  His mix from February is off the hook and highly recommended, have a look and a download below (it's free on iTunes through the Buy link).

Friday, February 24, 2012

Step Your Fresh Up Friday

Big time breakbeat coming hot off the press from Krafty Kuts!  A run through of as many Wolfgang Gartner tunes as possible complete with Martin's own spin on it.  Quick transitions in this medley keep the energy off the charts and give you just enough time to get into it before bangin' out a new edit.  We'll get to enjoy his edits in person coming soon, but for now cop the download!  Download's done, got it if you got it!

Only two days from Krafty comes Specimen A another UK artist known for exquisite production value and multi-genre madness comes to Dayton for Elton's Birthday Bash.  From explosive remixes to original bangers Specimen A released their EP London Calling covering Drum and Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep, and Electro House in one tasty package.  Only a few days ago the remix of AfroWhitey dropped and I still can't get enough!  Look for the release due out February 27th on Sludge Records.  Exclusive interview with Phil of Specimen A coming soon!  For now peep the tunes and leave some love.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post Rusko Breakdown

So the Rusko show was absolutely bonkers and was the best time I've had playing out in a while.  The crowd was in it and everything went off without a hitch!  Rusko is also one of the coolest artists I have met and is truly down to earth and involved for all the right reasons.  Pics are going to be coming in from I Shoot My Friends for Fun, Tri Plur Ent, and Life of the Party to show you just how we get down.

That being said we have some other events coming in the next few months that should be given some major attention.

As a breaks fan and DJ I can't let this one slip by un-noticed.  Martin Reeves aka Krafty Kuts will be coming to The Masque on March 29th for his first ever Dayton appearance and as far as I know first ever Ohio appearance!  Below is his latest mini mix for his new label Insane Bangers and a recent re-rub of Adele that's a real floor burner.  One of the most hype DJ sets to be seen period!